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Lawdragon’s “Lawyer Limelight” Profiles Skip Miller and Recent Victories

Lawyer Limelight: Louis R. “Skip” Miller By John Ryan With a successful new firm staffed in part by his two lawyer sons, life is sweet for Louis R. “Skip” Miller. At 61, the hard-nosed litigator is as happy...
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Sasha Frid Addresses Electronic Money Laundering Issues

Alert: Double-Check MSB Licensure Status — Unregulated Entities Can Catch You In The Regulatory Crossfire The fluidity of Internet-based payment tools makes it hard to track online funds transactions, which means criminals can launder money more easily —...
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Skip Miller Discusses Public Perception of Litigating High-Profile Cases

By Melissa Maleske, InsideCounsel Magazine – August 1, 2008 – David Dunn recalls a classroom scene from his first year of law school. The students were discussing a 1930s case involving a railroad company, and the professor asked...
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Inside Counsel Magazine, July 2008

Clipping Coupons From Inside Counsel Magazine July 2008 Issue By Melissa Maleske July 1,2008 When Ford Motor Co. offered a coupon to settle claims related its Explorer, commentators in the media latched onto the story as another example...
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Miller Barondess’ Role in Sean Connery Legal Dispute

Teed Off: Membership spat lands Connery, Murdock in the rough By Drew Combs July 23, 2007 Sean Connery, the acclaimed actor, has played many roles over his career, including an aging Robin Hood who returns to Sherwood Forest to...
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