Ben Herbert Announced as Panelist for LITFINCON 2024

Ben Herbert will be an Intellectual Property panelist at LITFINCON III, “The Premier Litigation Finance Conference,” held in Houston, Texas, on March 6 and 7, 2024. “The event will feature a diverse mix of insightful panel discussions and case studies designed to provide current data about deals, regulatory changes, and investment trends in litigation finance.” Attendees will include leading business executives, judges, litigation funders, Am Law firms, corporate counsel, law professors, and investors.

Ben’s IP panel discussion, “A Yearly Examination,” will include Moderator Meng Xi of Susman Godfrey and panelists Peter Lambrianakos of Fabricant LLP, Rudy Fink of The Davis Firm, Erick Robinson of Spencer Fane, and Anup Misra of Curiam. The panel will explore the following topics on Thursday, March 7, at 2:45 pm:

  • Why is litigation funding so common in patent disputes?
  • Patent litigation filings dropped by 20% in 2023.  How has that impacted the litigation funding market?
  • How has the disclosure rules from the District of Delaware impacted the interplay between litigating the substantive issues and structuring financing of the case itself?
  • Are there particular issues inherent in patent disputes that suggest funding patent disputes need different disclosure or discoverability rules?
  • Has years of funding in patent disputes leveled the playing field?
  • What is the status of disclosure disputes in federal courts?

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