Mira Hashmall Honored Among California’s Top Women Lawyers by Daily Journal

By John Roemer, Daily Journal – May 18, 2022 – J. Mira Hashmall is a Miller Barondess, LLP partner focused on complex civil litigation and appeals in cases involving labor and employment, the First Amendment, insurance coverage, defamation and libel, real estate, contracts, malicious prosecution and whistle blowers. She has been with the firm since 2007.

As an advocate for women, she is a member and former chair of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles, which honored her with its Celebrating Leadership Awards in 2021.

Hashmall is busy. “The flow of matters in my appellate practice continues unabated,” she said.

A major client is Los Angeles County, for whom she argued successfully before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a marquee case over homelessness. She obtained reversal of U.S. District Judge David O. Carter’s controversial order to the city and county to house skid row’s homeless population within six months and deposit $1 billion into an escrow account to ensure the funds would be used appropriately.  It was one of The Daily Journal’s Top Appellate Reversals of 2021. L.A. Alliance for Human Rights et al., v. City of Los Angeles et al., 21-55395 (9th Cir., op. filed Sept. 23, 2021).

“This is a difficult case that addressed the difficult challenge of homelessness,” Hashmall said. “Is it an issue for the courts or for elected officials and community leaders? The county has dedicated more than $1 billion this fiscal year to address the problem, and we believe the focus should be in the field, not the courthouse.”

The circuit panel agreed with Hashmall’s arguments, writing that Carter’s sweeping order overstepped because he “impermissibly resorted to independent research and extra-recorded evidence” to reach it. Now that the case is back before him, Hashmall has moved to dismiss the county from the litigation. Carter’s decision on that motion is pending.

In another major case for the county, Hashmall in November 2021 argued before a different circuit panel to preserve her summary judgment win in a Fair Labor Standards Act case filed by 12,000 in-home caregivers seeking up to $50 million in unpaid overtime. Ray v. California Department of Social Services, 20-56245 (9th Cir., argued Nov. 18, 2021).

Hashmall successfully persuaded the district court that the plaintiffs were not employed by the county. The district court decision was one of The Daily Journal’s Top Defense Verdicts of 2020. The circuit panel’s opinion is pending.

Several of Hashmall’s cases involve the authority of the Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors. She has prevailed in matters involving its right to regulate the employment compensation matters and to control litigation involving county officers and employees.

“Litigation is my passion,” Hashmall said. “And victory is sweet.”