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Los Angeles Business Journal Profiles Skip Miller

Louis “Skip” Miller Christensen Miller Fink Jacobs Glaser Weil & Shapiro Litigation UCLA Law School, 1972 Known for his charm and fight, Louis “Skip” Miller is without question one of L.A.’s hottest trial lawyers. “If you are down...
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Skip Miller: L.A.’s Hired Gun

L.A.’s Hired Gun All Around Defense Louis (Skip) Miller CAREER PATH Christensen White won a beauty contest in 1989 to represent Los Angeles in a five-year-old lawsuit over the city council’s downsizing of a median strip owned by...
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A Tenacious Bulldog Who Hates to Lose

A Tenacious Bulldog Who Hates to Lose By Krysten Crawford From motorist Rodney King to retired L.A. Police Chief Daryl Gates and his former assistant Robert Vernon, there’s no doubt that the Los Angeles City Council has weathered...
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